About Us

Kawartha Works Community Co-operative Inc (KWCC) is an organization incorporated on February 18, 2015 under the Co-operative Corporations Act of Ontario.

The purpose of KWCC is to improve the social infrastructure in Kawartha Lakes by enabling the creation, development and management of not-for-profit initiatives with artistic, cultural, recreational, health, environmental, economic and social improvement aims.

The objectives are:

  • KWCC will support local initiatives that reflect the interest of its members and benefit the community at large.
  • KWCC’s activities will promote the artistic, cultural, recreational, health, environmental, economic and social wellbeing of Kawartha Lakes.
  • KWCC’s activities shall be carried on without the purpose of financial gain for its members.
  • On the dissolution of KWCC and after the payment of its debts and liabilities, the remaining property would be given to charitable organizations or co-operatives with similar objects carrying on their activities solely within Canada.

KWCC is a co-operative of individual members and is structured so that its members can start new projects and initiatives that are of interest and benefit to the members and the community. Two key ways that co-op participation can assist is umbrella incorporation which often is a requirement to receive grants; and, sharing costs such as insurance which increasingly required for projects, especially public events.

History of why

KWCC came out of community improvement discussions conducted by Fenelon Forward.  As ideas were identified for improvement initiatives in Fenelon Falls, the need for an umbrella organization to facilitate developments was recognized.  The example of Haliburton Community Co-operative was adopted as a model for sharing of incorporation and costs such as insurance and accounting.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.