Fenelon Falls Housing Partnership

Fenelon Falls Housing Partnership is a local citizens’ group that has been exploring housing possibilities in Fenelon Falls for those who are often shut out of the current market, for reasons of accessibility, income, access to transportation, or disability. Fenelon Falls Housing Partnership is dedicated to creating the kind of inclusive neighbourhoods “where all residents are valued as neighbours and friends, and no one is excluded from housing on grounds of disability or any vulnerability.”

We look to successes in other communities, in Ontario and elsewhere, as models for what can be done in Fenelon Falls. We are primarily interested in mixed housing to serve a diverse population. We seek to collaborate with others to develop safe and healthy communities for all our citizens.

Fenelon Falls Housing Partnership has common roots with the Fenelon Community Housing Initiative (FCHI) and looks forward to a collaborative effort to bring quality rental housing to Juniper Street.

For more information, please contact:

Diane Engelstad