On November 13th, 2019 @7pm – ABLE will hold our regular family support gathering

to bring concerns and support to the table.  We will spend some time reviewing the

DSO’s new/almost finished “Housing Toolkit”  https://www.dsontario.ca/resources/housing/welcome-to-the-dso-housing-toolkit

We will have some printed worksheets from the online document to take home if you wish.

                                                        Our meeting will be at St. James Anglican Church, 7 Bond St. E., Fenelon Falls.

What kind of life does your family member
look forward to?

… Probably, like most of us, a life filled with…

  • opportunities to do what we enjoy and are good at
  • friends and family who like to spend time with us
  • having a sense of control in our life
  • meaningful work and other activities that build a sense of pride
  • being appreciated and respected for who we are
  • contributing to our neighbourhood and community
  • a home that we can invite others to
  • getting the unique support we need to be all we can be

ABLE is your local vehicle to help make that happen for members of our community with intellectual disabilities.

We are parents, family members and allies working together to remove the barriers to a good life for our loved ones, and to build a more inclusive community for all.

We meet once a month, at St. James Anglican Church parish hall, to learn about one another’s hopes and challenges, educate ourselves, hear about “best practices” and successful initiatives in other communities, develop practical strategies to meet local needs, and support one another on this challenging but inspirational journey.

Come Join Us!

Contact Us:

  • Diane Engelstad (Co-ordinator)
    705-887-7169 (home)
    705-886-0505 (cell)
  • Jim Armstrong (Co-ordinator)
    705-887-9755 (home)
    905-706-0623 (cell)
  • Heather Parks (Administrator)

Mailing address is:
Box 186, 42 Lindsay Street
Fenelon Falls, K0M1N0