Fenelon Live!

Fenelon Live! is a group of musicians undertaking the following types of activities:

  • organize live performances, including music, drama, comedy and dance.
  • promote the appreciation of music and live performance through concerts, dances, plays, workshops, programs and community events.
  • develop and promote suitable venues for live performance in the Fenelon Falls area.
  • cultivate local talent and promote it both within Fenelon Falls and beyond.
  • bring professional performances to Fenelon Falls on a regular basis.collaborate with other arts organizations to create and promote performance networks in the region.

Simcoe Day Celebration

Simcoe Day Celebration was initiated in 2018 by Fenelon Live! to have a mid-summer festival.

It was so successful planning is underway for a bigger and even better event in 2019.

The Celebration includes:

  • 1812 reenactment campsite and military demonstration
  • Concert band and other musicians
  • Historic craft displays
  • Horse drawn wagon rides
  • Free food and drinks

Contact:  Alan Engelstad – 705-887-7169 –  alan.engelstad@gmail.com

For more information:

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