The Grove Theatre

A stunning outdoor amphitheatre – the first-ever in Fenelon Falls – will be home to The Grove Theatre, an exciting new summer festival of live performance.

Built into the garden grove of the Fenelon Falls Fairgrounds, the spacious 450-seat venue will be home to high-quality professional theatre staged in an idyllic natural setting. Friends and family will gather to enjoy open-air performances ranging from lively musical theatre to popular Shakespeare plays.

Ampitheatre Sketch-1.png

Created under the auspices of the Kawartha Works Community Co-operative (KWCC), with construction funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and additional support from members of the local community, The Grove Theatre has been conceived to engage and inspire both visitors and local residents. The annual festival will bring new vitality not only to Fenelon Falls itself but to the whole region of Kawartha Lakes.

For updates about The Grove Theatre, visit the Town Crier from Explore Fenelon.

For more information, visit The Community Foundation of Kawartha Lakes page.

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